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Last updated: 2022-11-16 16:21:25

Datahub APIs

API Name Feature
SendMessage Sends messages through the HTTP access layer

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteRouteTriggerTime Modifies the route deletion trigger time
DescribeAppInfo Queries user list
DescribeCkafkaZone Views the AZ list
DescribeConsumerGroup Queries consumer group information
DescribeGroup Enumerates consumer groups (simplified)
DescribeRegion Enumerates regions

Route APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteRoute Deletes a route
DescribeRoute Views route information

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteInstancePre Deletes a monthly subscribed (prepaid) instance
DescribeGroupInfo Gets consumer group information
DescribeGroupOffsets Gets consumer group offset
DescribeInstanceAttributes Gets instance attributes
DescribeInstances Obtains instance list information
DescribeInstancesDetail Gets instance list details
ModifyGroupOffsets Sets consumer group (Groups) offset
ModifyInstanceAttributes Sets instance attributes
ModifyInstancePre Changes the configurations of a prepaid instance

Topic APIs

API Name Feature
BatchModifyGroupOffsets Modifies consumer group offsets in batches
BatchModifyTopicAttributes Sets topic attributes in batches
CreateConsumer Creates a consumer group
CreatePartition Adds partition in topic
CreateTopic Creates topic
CreateTopicIpWhiteList Creates topic IP allowlist
DeleteTopic Deletes topic
DeleteTopicIpWhiteList Deletes topic IP allowlist
DescribeTopic Gets topic list
DescribeTopicAttributes Gets topic attributes
DescribeTopicDetail Gets topic list details
DescribeTopicSubscribeGroup Searches and subscribes the message group information of a topic
FetchMessageByOffset Querying messages
FetchMessageListByOffset Queries the message list based on an offset
ModifyTopicAttributes Sets topic attributes
DescribeTopicSyncReplica Gets the information of a synced topic replica


API Name Feature
BatchCreateAcl Creates ACL policies in batches
CreateAcl Adds ACL policy
CreateUser Adds user
DeleteAcl Deletes ACL
DeleteUser Deletes user
DescribeACL Enumerates ACLs
DescribeUser Queries user information
ModifyPassword Changes password
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