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Upgrading Instance Version

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:47:32
    CKafka Pro Edition supports upgrading the version of open-source instances to the latest version for more features. It also supports upgrading the kernel minor version to use new features, improve performance, and fix bugs.


    Automatic upgrade (kernel minor version)
    Scenario 1: When a severe bug or security vulnerability occurs in CKafka, the system will perform kernel minor version upgrade during the maintenance time and send upgrade notifications through the Message Center and SMS.
    Scenario 2: When a CKafka cluster is migrated due to the cluster configuration upgrade, storage capacity expansion/reduction, or CKafka version upgrade, the system will automatically upgrade the cluster's kernel to the latest minor version.
    Manual upgrade (kernel minor version + open-source Kafka version)
    You can also manually upgrade the kernel minor version and open-source Kafka version in the console.


    This feature is only supported for Pro Edition.
    Cluster switch will be required after the version upgrade is completed, which will cause your instance to disconnect for seconds. We recommend that you conduct the switch during the instance maintenance time. Make sure that your business has a reconnection mechanism.
    Instances can be upgraded from an earlier version to a later one but cannot be downgraded.
    The instance's minor version is automatically detected and upgraded by the system, and you cannot select the target version.
    If an instance is upgraded to a compatible version, no billing changes will be caused.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. On the left sidebar, select Instance List and click the ID/name of the target instance to enter the instance details page.
    3. In the Basic Info module, click Upgrade Version on the right of the instance version, and set the target version and upgrade time.
    Upgrade kernel minor version:
    Current Version: The current kernel version.
    Target Version: The target version is the latest broker version by default. The system will automatically detect the minor version. If the Upgrade kernel minor version option is grayed out, ‍it indicates that the instance is already on the latest minor version. For differences between kernel minor versions, see Broker Release Notes.
    Execution Time: You can select Immediate execution or Custom time (any time within the next 24 hours). We recommend that you select a time during off-peak hours.
    Upgrade Kafka version:
    Current Version: The current Kafka version.
    Target Version: The target Kafka version. For differences between Kafka versions, see DOWNLOAD.
    Execution Time: You can select Immediate execution or Custom time (any time within the next 24 hours). We recommend that you select a time during off-peak hours.
    Currently, you cannot upgrade from Kafka 1.1.1 to v2.4.1.
    4. Click OK to submit the upgrade task.
    5. Select the Event Center tab at the top of the page, and you can see a record of instance version upgrade.
    6. Click View Details in the Operation column of the record to view the detailed upgrade task progress.
    7. Return to the instance list page. You can see that the status of the instance has changed to Changing configurations..., and you can also view the upgrade progress.
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