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Suggestions for CKafka Version Selection

Last updated: 2024-01-09 15:02:48
    This document describes the compatibility of CKafka with open-source Kafka and helps you select a CKafka version that is more suitable for your business according to your business needs.


    Open-Source Kafka has about 20 versions ranging from v0.7.x to v2.8.x. From the perspective of message queue, it can be divided into three stages: v0.x, v1.x, and v2.x. At present, Tencent Cloud provides four corresponding versions for these three community development stages: v0.10, v1.1, v2.4, and v2.8, which basically cover commonly used Kafka versions.
    Among them, the two major versions v1.x and v2.x mainly contain optimizations and improvements of Kafka Streams but don't introduce many major features in terms of the message engine (v2.x has great improvements of the transaction feature though). Kafka Streams is greatly improved on v2.x. Therefore, if you need to use these features, please select v2.x at least.

    Compatibility Description

    CKafka is perfectly compatible with open-source Kafka with full backward compatibility with lower versions. For example, if you build Kafka v0.10 on your own, you can select CKafka v0.10, v1.1.1, or v2.4.1 in the cloud, but if you build Kafka on a higher version, we recommend you not select a lower version (because it is uncertain whether your business uses features of higher versions).
    The following describes the compatibility:
    CKafka Version
    Compatible Community Versions
    ≤ 0.10.x
    ≤ 1.1.x
    ≤ 2.4.x
    ≤ 2.8.x
    Note for CKafka v2.4.1
    When CKafka launched v2.4, the stable branch in the community was v2.4.1. Later, the community launched a development branch v2.4.2. After some repairs were merged, it was positioned as v2.4.2. Then, the community deleted v2.4.2, so there was no v2.4.2 in the community eventually. Therefore, the v2.4.2 previously displayed by CKafka is aligned with the current v2.4.1.

    Suggestions for CKafka Version Selection

    If you migrate your self-built Kafka to the cloud, we recommend you select the corresponding major version. For example, if your self-built Kafka is on v1.1.0, please select CKafka v1.1.
    If the corresponding version cannot be found in the cloud, we recommend you select a higher version. For example, if your self-built Kafka is on v1.0.0, we recommend you use CKafka v1.1.1, and if it is on v0.11.x, we also recommend you use CKafka v1.1.1 (because each version of Broker is backward compatible).
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