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Change from Pay-as-You-Go to Monthly Subscription

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:47:32


    For your convenience, CKafka allows you to change the billing mode from pay-as-you-go to monthly subscription, so that you can convert temporarily used pay-as-you-go instances into monthly subscribed instances for long-term and stable use. You can perform the change operation in the console.

    Change Rules

    You can follow the rules below to use the billing mode change feature in the CKafka console:
    When a pay-as-you-go instance is changed to monthly subscribed instance, a renewal order will be generated. You must pay the order for the change to take effect. If you don't make the payment or your payment is unsuccessful, you can check and handle the order on the Billing Center > Order Management page.
    For instances with billing mode changed from Pay-as-You-Go to Monthly Subscription, the five-day free returns are not supported.
    Upon the successful completion of the payment and billing mode change, the instance will be billed on a monthly subscription basis, with the start time being the moment the change takes effect.
    You can't perform repeated billing mode change on the instance before making the payment.
    You won't be able to pay an unpaid order if the order amount has changed because of your instance configuration adjustment (such as adjusting configurations/bandwidth/disk and reinstalling system). You need to cancel the unpaid order in Billing Center > Order Management before performing a new change operation.
    The change from pay-as-you-go to monthly subscription involves a change in the billing mode for instance and disk, but not for public network bandwidth.
    The change from pay-as-you-go instances to monthly subscribed instances is irreversible.
    The change from pay-as-you-go instances to monthly subscribed instances can't be performed in batches.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. On the instance list page, select the target pay-as-you-go instance, and click More > Change from Pay-as-You-Go to Monthly Subscription in the Operation column.
    3. In the Change from Pay-as-You-Go to Monthly Subscription pop-up window, set the renewal duration and whether to automatically renew as needed.
    4. Click OK to complete the change operation.
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