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Last updated: 2020-05-25 09:43:06

    Users often have to perform complex customization tasks on TKE clusters in order to accommodate their businesses. When Pods do not function properly, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause. This article aims to provide a starting point for troubleshooting these issues.

    Pod Exceptions is a great series of articles that describes how to troubleshoot and solve these issues.

    Common Commands

    The following is a list of commands commonly used for troubleshooting Pod issues:

    • Query Pod status
      kubectl get pod <pod-name> -o wide
    • Query Pod YAML configuration
      kubectl get pod <pod-name> -o yaml
    • Query Pod events
      kubectl describe pod <pod-name>
    • Query container logs
      kubectl logs <pod-name> [-c <container-name>]

    Pod Statuses

    The following table provides a list of Pod statuses:

    Status Description
    ErrorError occurred during Pod launch.
    NodeLostThe node on which the Pod resides is unreachable.
    UnkownPod is unreachable or other unknown exception.
    WaitingPod is waiting to launch.
    PendingPod is waiting to be scheduled.
    ContainerCreatingPod containers are being created.
    TerminatingPod is being terminated.
    CrashLoopBackOffContainer exited. Kubelet is restarting it.
    InvalidImageNameUnable to resolve image name.
    ImageInspectErrorUnable to verify image.
    ErrImageNeverPullPolicy prohibits image pull.
    ImagePullBackOffTrying to pull the image again.
    RegistryUnavailableUnable to connect to the image registry.
    ErrImagePullGeneral image pull error.
    CreateContainerConfigErrorUnable to create the container configuration used by kubelet.
    CreateContainerErrorFailed to create container.
    RunContainerErrorFailed to launch container.
    PreStartHookErrorpreStart hook execution error.
    PostStartHookErrorpostStart hook execution error.
    ContainersNotInitializedContainer not initialized.
    ContainersNotReadyContainer not ready.
    ContainerCreatingContainer is being created.
    PodInitializingPod being initialized.
    DockerDaemonNotReadyDocker is not ready.
    NetworkPluginNotReadyNetwork plugin not ready.


    Use one of the following articles to troubleshoot your Pod exceptions:

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