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Public Network Access

Last updated: 2021-12-03 15:37:24

    This document offers answers to questions that you may have when building a deep learning container image and running deep learning in EKS.

    How does a container access the public network?

    As you may need to download training datasets during a task, access to the public network may be required. However, a container in its initial status cannot access the public network, and if you directly run a command with dataset download, the following error will be reported:

    W tensorflow/core/platform/cloud/google_auth_provider.cc:184] All attempts to get a Google authentication bearer token failed, returning an empty token. Retrieving token from files failed with "Not found: Could not locate the credentials file.". Retrieving token from GCE failed with "Failed precondition: Error executing an HTTP request: libcurl code 6 meaning 'Couldn't resolve host name', error details: Could not resolve host: metadata".
    E tensorflow/core/platform/cloud/curl_http_request.cc:614] The transmission  of request 0x5b328e0 (URI: https://www.googleapis.com/storage/v1/b/tfds-data/o/dataset_info%2Fmnist%2F3.0.1?fields=size%2Cgeneration%2Cupdated) has been stuck at 0 of 0 bytes for 61 seconds and will be aborted....

    For the above problem, two public network access methods are provided:

    • NAT Gateway: it is suitable for scenarios where many Pods in a VPC need to communicate with the public network. Please configure as instructed in Accessing Internet Through NAT Gateway.

      The created NAT gateway and route table need to be in the same region and VPC as the EKS cluster.

    • EIP: it is suitable for scenarios where one or a few Pods need to interconnect with the public network.
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