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Nginx-ingress Log Configuration

Last updated: 2021-01-19 17:38:52

    Integrating with CLS, TKE provides a complete set of productized capabilities to implement Nginx-ingress log collection and consumption capabilities.

    Nginx-ingress Log Types

    Nginx Controller collects and provides the following logs to users:

    • Nginx Controller Log: major. The control plane logs, which record the modification of the Nginx Controller control plane. It is mainly used for control plane troubleshooting, for example, due to the incorrect configuration of the Ingress template, the synchronization is not performed.
    • AccessLog Log: major. User data plane logs, which record the relevant information of user’s layer-7 request. It is mainly used for users to perform data analysis, audit, business troubleshooting, etc.
    • ErrorLog Log: minor. The internal error log of Nginx.

    By default, the AccessLog and Nginx Controller logs will be mixed into the standard output stream, and there will be difficulties for log collection. This document describes how to distinguish log paths and collect logs separately.


    You have enabled log collection in Feature Management in the TKE console. For more information, see Enabling Log Collection.

    TKE Nginx-ingress Log Collection

    Log collection directions

    1. Install Nginx-ingress Addon for the target cluster.
    2. In Add-On Management page, select an installed addon to go to its details page.
    3. In Log/Monitoring page, click Reset on the right side of Log Configuration.
    4. Select or create a logset in the pop-up window.
    5. Click Enable.


      For information on CLS billing rules and billing standards, see Billing Overview.

    Log collection metrics

    The log collection metrics are as follows:

    apiVersion: cls.cloud.tencent.com/v1
    kind: LogConfig
      name: nginx-ingress-test
      resourceVersion: "7169042"
      selfLink: /apis/cls.cloud.tencent.com/v1/logconfigs/nginx-ingress-test
      uid: 67c96f86-4160-****-****-f6faf8d544dc
          beginningRegex: (\S+)\s-\s(\S+)\s\[(\S+)\]\s(\S+)\s\"(\w+)\s(\S+)\s([^\"]+)\"\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s\"([^"]*)\"\s\"([^"]*)\"\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s(\S+)
          - remote_addr
          - remote_user
          - time_local
          - timestamp
          - method
          - url
          - version
          - status
          - body_bytes_sent
          - http_referer
          - http_user_agent
          - request_length
          - request_time
          - proxy_upstream_name
          - proxy_alternative_upstream_name
          - upstream_addr
          - upstream_response_length
          - upstream_response_time
          - upstream_status
          - req_id
          logRegex: (\S+)\s-\s(\S+)\s\[(\S+)\]\s(\S+)\s\"(\w+)\s(\S+)\s([^\"]+)\"\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s\"([^"]*)\"\s\"([^"]*)\"\s(\S+)\s(\S+)\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s\[([^\]]*)\]\s(\S+)
        logType: fullregex_log
        topicId: 56766bad-368e-****-****-ed77ebcdefa8
          container: controller
          filePattern: nginx_access.log
          logPath: /var/log/nginx
          namespace: default
            kind: deployment
            name: nginx-ingress-nginx-controller
        type: container_file

    Nginx-ingress log dashboard

    TKE will automatically create a standard log dashboard once Nginx-ingress log collection enabled. You can also configure the chart on the CLS console based on your business needs.

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