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Using an Existing CLB for Direct Pod Connection

Last updated: 2020-07-31 15:44:02

    Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) allows you to use the kubernetes.io/ingress.existLbId: <LoadBalanceId> annotation to specify an existing CLB instance associated with an ingress.


    Different from services that can reuse the same CLB instance, ingresses cannot use the same CLB instance.


    • Your TKE containers and CVMs cannot share a CLB.
    • You cannot operate on CLB listeners and backend servers managed by Ingress Controller in the CLB console. Your updates will be overwritten by Ingress Controller.
    • When an existing CLB is used:
      • Multiple ingresses cannot reuse the same CLB.
      • The specified CLB cannot contain any existing listeners. If a listener exists, delete it in advance.
      • Only CLBs created in the CLB console can be used. CLBs automatically created and managed by Service Controller cannot be used. This means a service and an ingress cannot use the same CLB.
      • Ingress Controller does not manage CLB resources. This means that, when an ingress is deleted, the CLB will not be deleted or recycled.

    Use Cases

    Using a monthly subscription CLB to provide external services

    When Ingress Controller manages the CLB lifecycle, you can only purchase pay-as-you-go CLBs. However, monthly subscription CLBs have price advantages and are preferentially selected by users who need to continuously use a CLB.

    In such scenarios, you can independently purchase and manage a CLB, use an annotation to enable an ingress to use an existing CLB, and detach CLB lifecycle management from Ingress Controller. The following shows a sample.

    apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
    kind: Ingress
        kubernetes.io/ingress.existLbId: lb-mgzu3mpx
      name: nginx-ingress
        - http:
              - backend:
                  serviceName: nginx-service
                  servicePort: 80
                path: /


    The kubernetes.io/ingress.existLbId: lb-mgzu3mpx annotation indicates that the ingress will use the existing CLB lb-mgzu3mpx to configure the ingress service.

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