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Nginx-ingress Monitoring Configuration

Last updated: 2020-12-30 10:32:08

    TKE Nginx-ingress Monitoring Introduction

    Nginx Controller now provides monitoring data of the addon running status. You can enable Nginx-ingress monitoring capabilities by configuring Nginx-ingress monitoring.


    • The cluster has associated with cloud native monitoring PROM instance.
    • Cloud native monitoring PROM instance needs to be on the same network plane as Nginx.

    Collection Metrics

    TKE Nginx-ingress automatically configures the following collection metrics:

    • Nginx status
      • nginx_ingress_controller_connections_total
      • nginx_ingress_controller_requests_total
      • nginx_ingress_controller_connections
    • Processes
      • nginx_ingress_controller_num_procs
      • nginx_ingress_controller_cpu_seconds_total
      • nginx_ingress_controller_read_bytes_total
      • nginx_ingress_controller_write_bytes_total
      • nginx_ingress_controller_resident_memory_bytes
      • nginx_ingress_controller_virtual_memory_bytes
      • nginx_ingress_controller_oldest_start_time_seconds
    • Sockets
      • nginx_ingress_controller_request_duration_seconds
      • nginx_ingress_controller_request_size
      • nginx_ingress_controller_response_duration_seconds
      • nginx_ingress_controller_response_size
      • nginx_ingress_controller_bytes_sent
      • nginx_ingress_controller_ingress_upstream_latency_seconds

    You can also configure monitoring collection metrics based on your business needs. For metric details, see Official Document.

    Grafana Dashboard of Nginx-ingress Monitoring

    After TKE Nginx-ingress has enabled the monitoring feature, it will associate with the cloud native monitoring PROM instance. Cloud native monitoring PROM instance provides a Grafana dashboard. You can directly go to the corresponding Grafana dashboard on the Nginx-ingress addon page, as shown in the figure below:

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