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Our Advantages

Last updated: 2021-12-13 11:50:49

    Comprehensive Service Offerings

    Tencent Cloud CVM offers a wide range of options for your data storage needs.

    • Region and availability zones across the globe: Tencent Cloud offers nodes in South China, East China, North China, and Southwest China in Mainland China. Overseas coverage includes Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Western U.S., and Europe. Deploy applications in regions close to the location of your clients reduces latency.
    • Model Specifications
      • Standard: suitable for small and medium-sized web applications and databases.
      • MEM optimized: suitable for applications that require memory-intensive operations such as searches and computing.
      • High IO: suitable for low latency, I/O-intensive applications.
      • Computing: suitable for large game servers, advertisement service engines, high performance computing, and other compute-intensive applications.
      • Big data: suitable for throughput-intensive applications such as Hadoop distributed computing, massive log processing, distributed file systems, and large data warehouses.
      • Heterogeneous: suitable for high-performance applications such as deep learning, scientific computing, video encoding/decoding, and graphics workstations.
      • Batch-based: suitable for compute-intensive applications that use super large computing nodes frequently in a short time, such as rendering, gene analysis, and crystal pharmacy.

    Flexible Configuration

    We are committed to building the most flexible cloud service management platform in the industry with the following capabilities:

    • Hardware: instant upgrading/downgrading of hardware specifications for CVMs based on CBS
    • Storage: instant storage expansion for CVMs based on CBS
    • Bandwidth: instant upgrading/downgrading of bandwidth for CVMs
    • OS: switch between Windows and Linux at any time for CVMs in Mainland China. Coming soon for other areas.
    • EIP: for CVMs in various network environments
    • Image: public images (with multiple Linux and Windows variants) and custom images (image created by users using the image creation feature). Cross-region adjustment and image duplication are supported.
    • Custom network architecture: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides independent network space, custom IP address ranges, IP addresses, and routing policies. It offers port-level access control to support full logical isolation for networks.


    We are committed to building the most reliable cloud service in the industry.

    • CVM reliability: we guarantee 99.95% service availability for CVMs with data reliability ranging from 99.99% to 99.999999%. Features including imperceptible migration, data snapshots, and automatic alerts are supported to ensure the security of your servers.
    • Cloud disk policy: multiple copies of user data eliminates single point of failure and ensure data reliability. You can rest assured when moving your data to Tencent Cloud and do not have to worry about data loss.
    • Stable network architecture: our sophisticated network virtualization technology and ENI binding technology deliver high network availability. Operations in T3+ IDCs ensure the reliability of the operating environment and frees you from having to worry about network availability.


    We are committed to providing fast and convenient services for both user operations and CVM performance.

    • Convenient and rapid operations: deploy one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances in minutes, and purchase, configure, manage, or expand your services with just one click.
    • Top-speed public network: our BGP public network with more than 20 lines covers almost all ISPs. No matter which ISP your customers are using, they can always enjoy the same top-speed bandwidth and failover in seconds.
    • Top-speed private network: the private networks of Tencent Cloud's data centers in the same region are interconnected, all with megabyte or gigabyte connections, ensuring high communication quality within private networks.


    Tencent Cloud provides multiple solutions to ensure the security of CVMs. In addition, the backup and rollback mechanisms can protect data security.

    • Various methods for remote login to the CVM: Various login methods are provided, including login with key/password or VNC login.
    • Diverse security services: DDoS protection, DNS hijacking detection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, web trojan detection, login protection, and other security services are provided to safeguard your server.
    • Free cloud monitoring: multiple types of real-time alerts are supported.
    • Custom access control: customize CVM and network access policies through security groups and network ACL, which serve as firewalls for different scenarios.

    Tencent Cloud security highlights:

    • Comprehensive security protection
      Comprehensive security services are provided for CVMs, including security inspections (vulnerability scanning, trojan detection, backdoor detection, port inspection, etc.) and security protection (DDoS protection, intrusion detection, access control) to ensure data security and user privacy.
    • Real-time alerts and scheduled analysis
      24/7 security services so we can identify vulnerabilities and notify you in real time.
    • Free and easily accessible security protection
      You do not need to buy expensive security devices for your data anymore. Our cloud security service comes free with your CVM. On top of that, one-click activation without deployment makes it easy to use.
    • Professional team, reliable service
      The team responsible for Tencent Cloud security has years of experience in providing professional and trustworthy security services to users.

    Ease of use

    A wide range of officially verified application software and operation and maintenance tools make operation and maintenance more convenient, so that you no longer have to worry about choosing the right tools.

    • Tencent Cloud CVM provides a web-based user interface, the Console, that allows you to perform operations such as system boot, configuration, and OS reinstallation on CVM instances just like on physical machines. If you have signed up for a Tencent Cloud account, you can log in to the CVM console to operate on your CVM.
    • Tencent Cloud CVM also offers plenty of APIs which you can utilize to implement the automated operation and maintenance system that tightly integrates with your existing O&M structure and provides the ideal solution for your service needs. These APIs use HTTP/HTTPS requests. For more information about CVM API operations, refer to our API Documentation.


    Tencent Cloud lets you save on IT investment, simplify O&M operations.

    • You only pay for what you need. No up-front investment, no infrastructure, no preparation. Tencent Cloud is the perfect cloud platform for you.
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