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Purchasing and Renewing

Last updated: 2022-04-28 09:01:09

    Purchasing CVMs

    What should I do if the CVM is not created successfully?

    If it takes a long time to create a CVM, wait to see if the CVM is created successfully. If the creation fails, you can submit a ticket to report your problems and receive assistance.

    How do I terminate a CVM if it fails to be delivered?

    You can submit a ticket to contact Customer Service and provide complete screenshots of the server information and termination failure indicating delivery failure to facilitate troubleshooting.

    Renewing CVMs

    How do I renew an expired CVM?

    For more information, see Renewing Instances.

    How do I set auto renewal for CVMs?

    For more information, see the steps for auto renewal in Renewing Instances.

    Do pay-as-you-go instances need to be renewed?

    For pay-as-you-go instances, charges are automatically deducted from the account every hour, so renewal is not needed.


    Can I set auto release (termination) for CVM instances?

    Yes. You can set auto release (termination) for pay-as-you-go instances and specify when to release them automatically. For more information, see Terminating Instances.
    If you have additional questions, please submit a ticket.

    I have purchased a Linux CVM with cloud disks that are over 20 GB. How will it be charged if I reinstall the operating system as Windows?

    • The billing for the parts exceeding 20 GB of the previously purchased system disks will stop once the Windows OS is successfully installed.

    I have purchased a Windows CVM with cloud disks. How will it be charged if I reinstall the operating system as Linux?

    Because the capacity of the system disk cannot be reduced, it needs to be reinstalled at the current capacity. You will not incur additional charges. If you need to expand the system disk capacity after reinstalling the system as Linux, you will incur additional fees. For more information, see System and Data Disks.
    For more information on cloud disk prices, see Pricing List.

    Changing OS is not supported for CVMs in regions outside the Chinese mainland.

    What do the computing components in a CVM bill mean?

    The computing components correspond to instance specifications. For example, the computing components for S5.SMALL4 include the CPU, the memory, and the NVMe local disk.

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