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Price Reduction in Selected Availability Zones

Last updated: 2022-04-06 18:34:53

    Tencent Cloud has reduced prices of CVM instance in Chinese mainland by up to 10% beginning from March 10, 2021. This price reduction applies to multiple regions, availability zones and over 90% instance types.

    Scope Description
    Availability zone Guangzhou Zone 6, Beijing Zone 6, Nanjing Zone 1, Nanjing Zone 2, and Nanjing Zone 3
    Instance type Standard S5, Standard SA2, Standard S4, Standard Storage Optimized S5se, Memory Optimized M5, Compute Optimized C5, Compute Optimized C4, Big Data D3, Big Data D2, High IO IT5, and High IO IT3


    • The updated price takes effect on March 10, 2021. This document describes the price adjustments. For specific prices, see the CVM pricing or purchase page, or use the CVM price calculator.
    • Starting from March 10, 2021, you can purchase or renew monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go CVM instances at the updated price.


    • The price adjustment only applies to CVM computing resources, excluding network and cloud disk fees.
    • The updated price takes effect from March 10, 2021 and remains effective till the next price adjustment.
    • For the latest CVM prices, see CVM Pricing. For specific CVM prices including cloud disk and network fees, use the CVM Price Calculator.
    • For more information about CVM instance types, see Instance Types.


    A monthly-subscribed CVM instance under my account will expire in late December 2021. Can I get a refund according to the price reduction after March 10, 2021?

    No. The existing monthly-subscribed CVM instance will still be charged at the purchase price before it expires. If you renew it, adjust its configurations, return it and purchase a new one, you will be charged with the latest price.

    Will the latest price reduction apply to existing pay-as-you-go CVM instances after March 10, 2021?

    Yes. The latest price will be applied to the next hourly bill of the existing pay-as-you-go CVM instances after the official publish of price reduction.

    Will the latest price reduction apply to CVM instances purchased with a promotional discount applied?

    No. The price reduction only applies to CVM instances purchased on the CVM purchase page or via API with the official price.

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