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Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Last updated: 2022-09-22 11:36:05


    Based on Tencent Security's massive amounts of threat data, Tencent Cloud Workload Protection Platform(CWPP) leverages machine learning to provide a wide variety of security services ranging from intrusion detection to vulnerability alerting. It offers various security features such as brute force attack prevention, unusual login location reminding, trojan protection, and high-risk vulnerability detection, helping build a security protection system to cope with major network security risks faced by servers and prevent data leakage.

    CWPP is available in Basic and Pro editions. When creating a CVM instance, you can choose to activate CWPP Basic by default.


    For more information on the features of CWPP Basic and Pro editions and their differences, see Features in Different Editions.

    Billing Mode

    CCWPP Basic is free of charge.

    Installing CWPP Basic

    You can install CWPP Basic in one of the following methods based on the actual conditions:

    When creating a CVM instance, you can choose to activate CWPP Basic by default. On the CVM instance purchase page, select Enable for Free for Security Reinforcement to automatically install CWPP as shown below:

    After successful installation, you can view the security status of the CVM instance on the overview page in the CVM console or in the CWPP console.

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