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Changing Images (Reinstalling System)

Last updated: 2022-04-06 19:33:05

    Does CVM support reinstalling the operating system?

    Reinstalling the operation system is an important method to restore instances to their initial status in the event of a system failure. For more information, see Reinstalling System.

    How long does it take to reinstall the operating system for an instance?

    Reinstallation generally takes 10-30 minutes.

    What should I do if re-installation is very slow or fails?

    Reinstallation generally takes 10-30 minutes.

    • If it has been less than 30 minutes, please continue to wait.
    • If reinstallation does not complete within 30 minutes or fails, contact us by submitting a ticket.

    Will reinstalling the operating system cause data loss?

    After reinstallation, all data on the server’s system disk will be cleared and the system disk will be restored to its initial status. All data on the server’s data disk will be retained but cannot be used until the data disk is mounted manually.

    How can I replace the operating system of a CVM with an existing image?

    See Reinstalling System.

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