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Adjusting Network Configuration

Last updated: 2022-03-30 15:29:24


    Tencent Cloud allows you to change the public network billing mode or public network bandwidth as needed. The change takes effect immediately. To learn more about the restrictions and price, see Adjusting Public Network Billing.


    1. Log in to the CVM console. At the top of the Instances page, select the region where the target CVM instance resides.
    2. On the instance management page, proceed according to the actually used view mode:

      Select More > Resource Adjustment > Adjust Network on the right of the target CVM instance as shown below:

    3. In the Adjust Network pop-up window, adjust the public network billing mode or public network bandwidth as needed:
    • Network billing mode: Tencent Cloud provides two network billing modes: bill-by-traffic and bill-by-bandwidth. The bill-by-bandwidth mode is hourly postpaid.
    • Target bandwidth cap: Tencent Cloud provides two network configurations: dedicated public network and shared public network (billed by bandwidth package and currently in beta test). This document takes adjusting the configuration of the dedicated public network as an example, i.e., adjusting the bandwidth cap of a single CVM instance.

      For more information about the bandwidth cap, see Public Network Bandwidth Cap.

    1. Select the target billing mode or set the target bandwidth value and click OK.

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