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OpenCloudOS Overview

Last updated: 2022-07-05 14:23:36

    OpenCloudOS, an open source operating system community jointly initiated by Tencent and its partners, is a completely neutral, fully open, secure, stable and high-performance operating system and ecosystem. OpenCloudOS accumulates the advantages of many vendors in software and open source ecosystem and inherits Tencent's over 10 years of technical accumulation in the operating system and kernel fields. It has solid support in terms of cloud nativeness, stability, performance, and hardware support, and can support all hardware platforms equally and comprehensively.

    OpenCloudOS 8.5 is the first official release of the OpenCloudOS community. Its basic libraries and user-mode components are fully compatible with CentOS 8, and through kernel level optimization and enhancement, OpenCloudOS 8.5 provides users with better solutions than CentOS 8.

    Use Cases

    OpenCloudOS works with the vast majority of production instances on the cloud, including Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) and Cloud Physical Server (CPS) 2.0.


    Currently, OpenCloudOS does not have a GPU driver preinstalled. If you need to use OpenCloudOS on a GPU instance, manually install the GPU driver.

    OpenCloudOS Image Tag

    Currently, the OpenCloudOS 8.5 image is supported on Tencent Cloud. The image is fully compatible with CentOS 8 user mode and is equipped with the OpenCloudOS kernel based on community 5.4 LTS.

    OpenCloudOS Kernel

    The OpenCloudOS kernel is a stable and high-performance kernel built based on community 5.4 LTS. It includes the latest key features of the community, as well as tailored optimizations for different business scenarios. While ensuring kernel stability, the OpenCloudOS kernel comes with continuous technological update and iteration.

    Using OpenCloudOS

    When you create an instance or reinstall the operating system of an existing instance, you can select a public image and choose to use the corresponding version of OpenCloudOS. For detailed directions, see Creating Instances via CVM Purchase Page and Reinstalling System.

    Obtaining OpenCloudOS

    Obtain OpenCloudOS 8.5.

    Update History

    For update logs, see OpenCloudOS Image Update History.

    Services and Updates

    The OpenCloudOS community will provide up to 10 years of maintenance and updates for each major version of OpenCloudOS (such as OpenCloudOS 8), including the latest kernel features, security vulnerability fixes, and bug fixes. Existing servers can be upgraded through yum for vulnerability fixes in a timely manner.

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