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Anti-DDoS Basic

Last updated: 2022-06-21 11:07:08


    Anti-DDoS Basic provides CVM, CLB and other resources with free basic protection capability to meet your daily security protection needs. Tencent Cloud will dynamically adjust the blocking threshold according to your security reputation score. Anti-DDoS Basic is enabled by default to monitor network traffic in real time, cleanse attack traffic once detected, and start protection for Public IPs on Tencent Cloud within seconds.

    Billing Mode

    Anti-DDoS Basic service is free of charge. For details on other DDoS protection schemes, see Comparison of Anti-DDoS Protection Schemes.

    Enabling Anti-DDoS Basic

    Tencent Cloud CVM can enable Anti-DDoS Basic for free by default when creating an instance. You can click "Security Reinforcement" on the CVM instance purchase page and check "Free Enablement" to enable Anti-DDoS Basic.
    After Anti-DDoS Basic is enabled, you can view the protection configuration of CVM on the Overview Page of CVM Console or Anti-DDoS Basic page of DDOS protection console.

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