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Use Limits

Last updated: 2022-07-08 15:42:04

    What are the limitations of changing public IP addresses of CVM instances?

    The limitations of changing public IP addresses of CVM instances are:

    • Each account can change public IP addresses in the same region a maximum of 3 times per day.
    • Each instance can only change its public IP once.
    • The old public IP will be released after the public IP is changed.

    How many websites can be hosted on a CVM instance?

    A CVM instance can host up to 5 websites, and each website can bind to multiple domain names.

    Can a CVM instance access the Amazon website?

    Yes, as long as your CVM instance can connect to the public network properly.

    How do I purchase more pay-as-you-go CVMs?

    If you have reached the maximum number of pay-as-you-go instances that you can purchase, you cannot purchase more pay-as-you-go instances. For more information, see Purchase Limits.

    How can I query the CVM resource quota?

    To query the use limits and quotas of CVM resources, see CVM instance use limits in Use Limits Overview.

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