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Paying the Difference for Disk Media Type Changes

Last updated: 2022-02-25 15:57:52

    Tencent Cloud CVM provides two storage media types for CVM instances, local disk and cloud disk. You can change from using local disks to using cloud disks in the CVM console. The media type change involves price change. You need to pay the price difference (if any) to make the change take effect.

    For more information about changing the media type, see Changing the Disk Media Type.

    Paying the difference

    • When you change from using a local disk to a cloud disk, if the new price is higher than the old one, you need to pay the price difference.
      Price difference = [Monthly price difference] x [Remaining days of the subscription] / [(365/12)] x [Applicable discount]
    • Monthly price difference: The difference between the monthly list price of the new and old disk configuration.
    • *Remaining days of the subscription: The remaining days between the expiration date and the current date.
    • Applicable discount: The current discount or the discount stated in the Tencent Cloud official website. The lower one applies.
    • The expiration date of the subscription is not affected by the media type change.
    • You can pay the price difference by using your trial credit.

    There is no refund if the new price is lower than the old price.

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