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Converting Image Format

Last updated: 2022-03-30 15:14:43


    This document describes how to use qemu-img to convert image files to VHD or RAW format. Currently, you can import image files in RAW, VHD, QCOW2, or VMDK to Tencent Cloud CVM. Image files in other formats need to be converted before being imported.


    Select the method according to the operating system of the CVM instance:


    This document uses Windows 10 as an example to describe how to convert the image format. As the steps may vary by operating system, proceed based on the actual conditions.

    Installing qemu-img

    Download qemu-img here and install it. This document takes C:\Program Files\qemu as the installation path as an example.

    Configuring environment variable

    1. Right-Click Start and select System in the pop-up menu.
    2. In the pop-up window, select Advanced system settings.
    3. In the System Properties pop-up window, select the Advanced tab and click Environment Variables.
    4. In the Environment Variables window, select Path in System variables and click Edit as shown below:
    5. In the Edit environment variable pop-up window, click Create, enter the installation path of qemu-img C:\Program Files\qemu, and click OK.
    6. In the Environment Variables window, click OK again.

    Verifying environment variable configuration

    1. Press Win + R to open the Run window.
    2. In the Run window, enter cmd to open the command line.
    3. Run the following command to determine whether the environment variable has been configured successfully based on the returned result:
      qemu-img --help

    Converting image format

    1. Run the following command on the command line to switch to the directory of the image file:
      cd <directory of the source image file>
    2. Run the following command to convert the image format:
      qemu-img convert -f <source image file format> -O <target image format> <source image filename> <target image filename>

      The parameters are described as follows:
    • -f: source image file format.
    • -O (in uppercase): target image format and source and target image filenames.
      For example, run the following command to convert the test.qcow2 image file to test.raw:
      qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O raw test.qcow2 test.raw

      After conversion, the target file will be displayed in the directory of the source image file.


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