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Setting up a Website

Last updated: 2022-06-29 15:52:21

    Running a personal website or forum is one of the most common things people do after they purchase a CVM.


    You can also use Lighthouse to "quickly build a website" by simply selecting the required application image during creation, with no need to configure it by yourself. For more information, see Purchase Methods.

    Setting Up a Website Manually

    Tencent Cloud provides various types of website setup tutorials for mainstream website systems. The setup methods can be divided into image deployment and manual setup, wit the following features respectively:

    Comparison Item Image Deployment Manual Setup
    How to set up Select a system image in Tencent Cloud Marketplace for direct installation and deployment. Install the required software manually, which can be customized.
    Advantage The software version is relatively fixed. The version can be selected flexibly.
    Time required Relatively short, with quick deployment. Relatively long, where you need to install needed software by yourself.
    Difficulty level Simple. You need to know how to install software manually and which version to use.


    Use the following table to choose a website that suits your needs.

    Type Setup Description
    WordPress Building a WordPress Website (Linux) WordPress is a blogging platform developed with PHP. You can use it as a content management system, or use it to create websites on services that support PHP and MySQL databases.
    Building a WordPress Website (Linux)
    Discuz! Building Up a Discuz! Forum Discuz! is a popular forum software built on PHP and MySQL. You only need to configure a few item to get it up and running.
    LNMP Manual Setup of LNMP
    (CentOS 7)
    LNMP is a common web service architecture which consists of Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP running on Linux.
    Manual Setup of LNMP
    (CentOS 6)
    Manual Setup of LNMP
    LAMP Manual Setup of LAMP LAMP is a common web service architecture which consists of Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP running on Linux.
    WIPM Manual Setup of WIPM WIPM stands for a web service architecture which consists of IIS, PHP and MySQL running on Windows.
    Drupal Setting up Drupal Drupal is a Content Management Framework (CMF) written in PHP. It consists of a Content Management System (CMS) and a PHP development framework. You can use it to run a personal blog or corporate website.
    Ghost Setting up a Ghost Blog Ghost is a free and open source blogging platform written in JavaScript and distributed under the MIT License, designed to simplify the process of online publishing for individual bloggers as well as online publications.
    Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Building Microsoft SharePoint 2016 Microsoft SharePoint is the abbreviation of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, a portal site that allows enterprises to develop smart portals. It seamlessly connects teams and knowledge to enable you to better utilize relevant information in business processes and work more efficiently.

    You need to perform various operations such as domain name registration, ICP filing, and DNS configuration for your personal website before it can be accessed from the internet. Prepare an available domain name after you deploy your personal website in CVM and plan to publish your website to the internet.

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