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Creating Reserved Instance

Last updated: 2022-04-25 10:34:30


    Reserved Instance (RI) provides a discount for pay-as-you-go instances. This document describes how to create RI via the console.


    Currently, RIs are only offered to beta users. To use it, go to the RI beta application page and submit an application to be a beta user.


    1. Log in to the CVM Console.
    2. Click Reserved Instance on the left sidebar to enter the management page.
    3. Click Create Reserve Instance to purchase RIs.


    1. Configure the following information as prompted by the page:
    Parameter Required/Optional Description
    Region/Availability Zone Required The region and availability zone where the matched pay-as-you-go instances reside.
    Operating System Required Linux OS,Windows.
    Validity Required RI term: 1 year.
    Instance Required The type of pay-as-you-go instances that you want to match the RI.
    These pay-as-you-go instances must exactly match RI attributes to benefit from the billing discount during the RI term.
    RI Name Optional User-defined.
  • The RI name defaults to “unnamed” if this parameter is left empty.
  • You can enter any name within 60 characters.
  • Billing Mode Required Select a billing option as needed:
    • All Upfront: you pay for the entire RI term with one upfront payment. This option provides you with the largest discount compared to the other two options below.
    • Partial Upfront: you make a low upfront payment and then pay for instance fees at a monthly rate or discounted hourly rate during the RI term.
    • No Upfront: you make no upfront payment and then pay for instance fees at a monthly rate or discounted hourly rate during the RI term. For more information about the pricing, see Reserved Instance Billing Mode.
    Quantity Required Number of RIs you want to purchase
    1. Click Purchase Now and complete the payment. Then you can visit the Reserved Instance console to query, search and manage your RIs. On this page, you can click Create Instance to create CVM instances, or click View Bill to see RI discount details.


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