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Installing BT Panel for Windows

Last updated: 2022-05-07 15:20:31


    BT panel is easy-to-use, powerful, friendly interactive, and free-of-charge server management software that supports Linux and Windows. It allows you to configure LAMP, LNMP, websites, databases, FTP, and SSL, and easily manage servers with a few clicks via a web client.

    This document introduces how to use an image in the Tencent Cloud marketplace to quickly install a BT panel on CVM instances running on Windows.


    Installing the BT panel during CVM instance creation


    If you want to use a purchased CVM instance to install a BT panel, you can reinstall the system and select the corresponding image in the image marketplace to complete the environment deployment. CVM instances in some regions outside the Chinese mainland currently do not support system reinstallation via the image marketplace. In such cases, you are advised to use CVM instances in other regions to deploy the environment or go to the BT panel official website for more installation information.

    1. Log in to the CVM console and click Create Instance on the instance management page.
    2. On the model selection page, set parameters as needed. Among the parameters, for Image, select Image Marketplace and click Select from image marketplace, as shown in the figure below:
      • Some regions outside the Chinese mainland currently do not support CVM instance creation via the image marketplace. If Image Marketplace is not displayed under the region you select, select another region that supports the image marketplace.
      • You are advised to select an instance whose memory is greater than 2 GB and system disk capacity is greater than 40 GB.
      1. In the Image Marketplace window, select Ops Tool, enter BT, and click .
      2. Select an image as needed. This document uses BT Panel for Windows - Official Edition (WAMP/WNMP/Tomcat/Node.js) as an example. Click Use for Free.
      3. In the security group associated with the instance, add the inbound rule to open port 8888. For more information, see Adding Security Group Rules.
        Select other configuration such as the storage media and bandwidth as needed, and finally click Purchase to complete the BT panel setup.

      Obtaining BT panel login information

      1. Log in to the CVM instance. For more information, see Logging in Using Standard Method (Recommended).
      2. On the desktop, right-click in the lower-left corner and click Run in the pop-up menu.
      3. In the command-line interface (CLI), run the following command to obtain the login information:
        bt default

        Note down the BT panel address and login information in the command output.

      Logging in to the BT panel

      1. On your local computer, open a browser and visit the BT panel address obtained.
        http://CVM public IP:8888/xxxx
      2. Enter the username and password that you noted down, and click Log In.
      3. Select I have read and agreed to Service Agreement and click Enter Panel.
      4. Select kits for website installation and deployment as needed.
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