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Infinite Loop Call in /etc/profile

Last updated: 2022-03-30 15:44:14

    Issue Description

    When you use SSH to log in to a Linux instance, the SSH command gets stuck after outputting the "Last login: " information.

    Common Causes

    This problem is probably because the /etc/profile file was modified, so /etc/profile was called in /etc/profile, resulting in an infinite loop call and inability to log in successfully.


    Check and repair the /etc/profile file as instructed in Steps.


    1. Log in to the Linux instance via VNC.

    2. Run the following command to view the /etc/profile file.

      vim  /etc/profile
    3. Check whether the /etc/profile file contains commands related to /etc/profile.

    1. Press i to enter the edit mode and add # before the relevant commands in /etc/profile to comment them.
    2. Press Esc to exit the edit mode, and enter :wq to save the modification.
    3. Log in to the Linux instance again by using SSH.
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