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Last updated: 2021-12-13 11:50:53

    Security group

    A security group manages access to a CVM. It specifies which IP addresses can access the CVM through which ports using which protocols.

    Local disk

    A device that can be used for persistent storage by an instance on the same physical server as the instance.


    The location where instances and other resources start up.

    IP addresses

    The IP addresses of an instance for the private network and the public network, including a private IP address and a public IP address.

    Private IP address

    A private IP address cannot be accessed through the Internet. That is how Tencent Cloud provides private network services.

    Public IP address

    A public IP address is an IP address in the Internet that is not reserved. A CVM with a public IP address can access other computers in the Internet and can also be accessed by other computers.


    A pre-configured template for instances containing a pre-configured environment installed with an operating system and other software programs.

    Instance type

    Different instance types have different configurations, such as different CPU, memory, storage, and network.


    Custom virtual network space which is logically isolated from other resources.

    CVM instances

    Virtual computing resources on Tencent Cloud.

    Cloud disk

    A distributed and persistent block storage device provided by Tencent Cloud which can serve as the system disk or expandable data disks of an instance.

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