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Login Failure Due to High Bandwidth Occupation

Last updated: 2022-06-14 11:20:23

    This document describes how to diagnose and troubleshoot Linux or Windows CVM login issues caused by high bandwidth utilization.


    • In the CVM console, the bandwidth monitoring data of the CVM shows that bandwidth usage is too high, and connection to CVM fails.
    • A Health check shows that the bandwidth utilization is too high.

    Fault Locating and Troubleshooting

    1. Log in to the target CVM instance using VNC:
    1. Troubleshoot:

      After logging in to the Windows CVM instance via VNC, perform the following operations:


      The following operations use a CVM instance running the Windows Server 2012 operating system as an example.

      1. In the CVM instance, click . Select Task Manager to open the Task Manager page.
      2. Select Performance tab, and click Open resource monitor.
      3. On the Resource Monitor page, identify the process that consumes a lot of bandwidth. Based on your actual business, determine whether the process is normal.
      • If this process is a service process, check whether the high bandwidth utilization is caused by changes in access traffic and whether you need to optimize the capacity or upgrade the CVM configuration as instructed in Changing Instance Configuration.
      • If this process has an exception, the high bandwidth utilization may be caused by a virus or a trojan. If so, you can manually terminate the process or use security software to kill the virus. You can also back up data and then reinstall the operating system.

        In Windows, many virus processes can disguise themselves as system processes. You can select Task Manager > Processes to check the process information and preliminarily identify the virus.
        Normal system processes have complete signatures and descriptions, and most of them are located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. While virus programs may have the same names as system processes, they lack signatures and descriptions. In addition, their locations are often abnormal.

      • If this process is a Tencent Cloud component process, please submit a ticket, and we will help you locate and troubleshoot the problem.
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