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Editing Tags

Last updated: 2022-12-01 10:34:40


    This document describes how to edit the tags of resources.

    Usage Limits

    There are several limits on editing tags:

    • Quantity: Each Tencent Cloud resource allows up to 50 tags.
    • Tag key limits:
      • A tag key cannot start with qcloud, tencent, or project.
      • A tag key can contain up to 255 characters, including numbers, letters, and +=.@-.
    • Tag value limits: A tag value can contain up to 127 characters, including numbers, letters and +=.@-. It can be left empty if necessary.


    Log in to the CVM console.


    1. Open the tag editing page.
    • List view: Select the target instance and click More > Instance Settings > Edit Tags.
    • Tab view: Select the target instance and click More Actions > Instance Settings > Edit Tags.
    1. Add, modify or delete the tags in the pop-up window.


    For information on how to use tags, please see User Guide on Tags.

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