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Logging in to a Windows Instance from Mobile Devices

Last updated: 2021-12-13 17:07:07


    This document describes how to log in to a Windows instance from different mobile devices using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    Applicable Mobile Devices

    iOS and Android devices


    • The CVM instance is in the Running status.
    • You already have the administrator account and password to log in to the instance.
    • A public IP has been purchased for your CVM instance, and the port 3389 is open. It is open by default for a CVM instance purchased with quick configuration.



    This document uses the iOS device as an example. Steps for Android devices are almost the same.

    1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop and start it.
    2. In the PCs page, tap + in the upper-right corner, then tap Add PC.
    3. Configure the login information to add a PC.
      • PC name: the public IP address of your CVM instance. For more information, see Getting Public IP Addresses.
      • User account: by default, Ask when required is selected.
    4. Tap Save.
    5. In the PCs page, select the instance to log in and enter its administrator account and password.
      • User name: enter the administrator account Administrator.
      • Password: enter the instance login password.
    6. Tap Continue. If the page shown in the following figure is displayed, the login succeeds.
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