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Solution to Tomcat Start Failure on Ubuntu14.04

Last updated: 2022-04-06 18:34:54

    It has been detected that when Tomcat or Hadoop is installed via apt-get command on a Ubuntu14.04 CVM purchased from Tencent Cloud, it can listen to the port but cannot respond to requests. A solution is now available. We recommend following the instructions below if you encounter this issue.


    This issue is caused by a known Java Runtime Environment issue.


    Both Tomcat and Hadoop are developed using the Java java.security.SecureRandom API.
    This API uses /dev/random as a random number generator by default in some JREs. /dev/random accesses environmental noises collected from devices such as CPU temperature or keyboard timings to generate entropy. However, the virtual environment of CVMs makes it difficult to access such noises and generate entropy, causing cat /dev/random to block Tomcat and Hadoop from being started.


    Modifying the JRE configuration

    Please change securerandom.source=file:/dev/urandom in the original /etc/java-7-openjdk/security/java.security (use actual URL) to securerandom.source=file:/dev/./urandom to resolve this issue.

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