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Logging into a Linux Instance from Mobile Devices

Last updated: 2021-12-13 17:07:06


    This document describes how to log in to a Linux instance from different mobile devices. The following tools are used as an example.

    • iOS device: Termius-SSH client
    • Android device: JuiceSSH

    Applicable Mobile Devices

    iOS and Android devices


    • The CVM instance is in the Running status.
    • You already have the admin account and password (or key) to log in to the instance.
    • A public IP has been purchased for your CVM instance, and the port 22 is open. It is open by default for a CVM instance purchased with quick configuration.


    Log in to the instance from the mobile device you are using:

    1. Download the Termius-SSH client from the App Store, and register as instructed.
    2. Tap New Host on the home screen.
    3. Access the New Host page and configure the login information as follows:
      • Hostname: the public IP address of your CVM instance. For more information, see Getting Public IP Addresses.
      • Use SSH: enabled by default.
      • Username: enter the admin account root, or ubuntu if your instance uses the Ubuntu operating system.
      • Password: enter the login password of the instance.
    4. Tap Save in the upper-right corner to save the login configuration.
    5. Select the login information on the Hosts page and tap Continue in the prompt box at the bottom of the page.
    6. Login succeeds if you see the following.
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