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Setting Up NTP Service (Windows)

Last updated: 2021-10-20 10:12:14


    The Windows Time service (W32Time) synchronizes the time between the local system and the clock source server. It uses NTP to synchronize computer clocks on the network. The following uses a CVM that runs Windows Server 2012 as an example to describe how to enable the NTP service and modify the IP address of the clock source server.


    1. Log in to the Windows CVM.
    2. On the desktop, choose > Task Manager > Services to open the Services window.
    3. In the Services window that appears, double-click Windows Time, as shown in the following figure.
    4. In the Windows Time Properties (Local Computer) window that appears, set Startup type to Automatic and Service status to Running, and then click OK, as shown in the following figure.
    5. In the task bar of the desktop, click the time icon in the lower-right corner and click Change date and time settings…, as shown in the following figure.
    6. In the Date and Time window that appears, click the Internet Time tab, and then click Change settings, as shown in the following figure.
    7. In the Internet Time Settings window that appears, enter the domain name or IP address of the target clock source server in the Server text box and click OK, as shown in the following figure.
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