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Network Environment

Last updated: 2022-04-20 13:19:29

    Tencent Cloud provides two network environments, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and classic network.
    For Tencent Cloud accounts created after June 13, 2017, only VPC is available. We recommend you use a VPC for the following reasons:

    • Complete features: VPC covers all classic network features, while providing more flexible network services such as custom IP range, routing, Direct Connect, VPN, NAT, etc.
    • Smooth migration: There is no completely smooth migration solution in the industry (the need to shut down, change private IP, etc). If you need to use a VPC for business development later, the migration process may affect your business.

    VPC and Classic Network


    With Tencent Cloud’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can customize a logical isolated virtual network on the cloud. Even in the same region, different VPCs cannot communicate with each other by default. Similar to the traditional network that you run in your data center, your Tencent Cloud resources, including CVM, Cloud Load Balancer, and TencentDB for MySQL, are hosted on Tencent Cloud’s VPC to give you full control over the environment. For more information on configuration and application scenarios, see VPC. The VPC helps you build more complex network architecture and is suitable for those who are familiar with network management.

    Classic network

    Classic network is the public network resource pool for all Tencent Cloud users. All your Tencent Cloud resources will be centrally managed by Tencent Cloud.

    Feature differences

    Feature Classic Network VPC
    Tenant association Tenant association Logical isolated network based on GRE encapsulation
    Network customization Not Supported Supported
    Routing customization Not Supported Supported
    Custom IP Not Supported Supported
    Interconnection rules Interconnection is allowed for the same tenant in the same region Cross-region and cross-account interconnection are supported
    Security control Security groups Security groups and Network ACL

    Sharing Between Classic Network and VPC

    Some Tencent Cloud resources and features support both the classic network and VPC, and can be shared or accessed via the two different networks.

    Resource Description
    Image An image can be used to launch a CVM instance in any network environment
    Elastic Public IP Elastic Public IPs can bind to a CVM instance under any network environment
    Instances Instances in the classic network and VPC can communicate with each other through the Public IP or Classiclink
    SSH Key SSH key supports loading a CVM instance under any network environment
    Security Groups Security groups support binding CVM instances under any network environment

    A Cloud Load Balancer can not work on both the classic network and VPC, even if the VPC and the classic network are interconnected.

    Migrating from Classic Network to VPC

    Please see Switch to VPC to migrate instances in the classic network to VPC.

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