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Changing Instance Subnet

Last updated: 2022-07-08 15:36:18


    This document describes how to change the subnet of a CVM instance in VPC via the console.


    • The associated CVM restarts automatically after its subnet is changed.
    • The subnet of secondary ENI cannot be changed.


    1. Log in to CVM Console.
    2. In Instances, select the region where the instance whose subnet needs to be changed belongs.
    3. Locate the instance whose subnet needs to be changed, click its ID/Name and enter the instance details page.
    4. Select the ENI tab, click the ID of the primary ENI, and enter the ENI management page, as shown below:
    5. Click Change Subnet, as shown below:
    6. Select a new subnet in the pop-up box. Enter a new IP, and click OK, as shown below:
      The configuration will take effect after the instance is restarted.

      • Create a subnet if no subnet can be found in this availability zone.
      • Only the private IP address of the current subnet CIDR can be used as the new IP.
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