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Last updated: 2022-05-11 16:28:16

    Cloud Streaming Services (CSS) provides users with fast, stable, and professional cloud-based live streaming services. It offers Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) for large-scale real-time playback and Live Event Broadcasting (LEB) for ultra-low latency live streaming, making it highly suitable for many streaming scenarios. CSS can also be used together with the Mobile Live Video Broadcasting SDK (MLVB SDK) to create a one-stop audiovisual live streaming solution.

    CSS Products

    Product Description Use Cases
    LVB Backed by Tencent's suite of audio/video platforms, global network of cache nodes, and leading AI technologies in audio and video, LVB offers professional live streaming and distribution solutions that are stable and easy to integrate. Showroom, live game streaming, live streaming for TV and radio, live shopping
    LEB As a lower-latency version of LVB, LEB provides superb live streaming experience with millisecond playback latency, far lower than that of live streaming using traditional protocols. Live sports streaming, live quiz, online education, live auction
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