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Use Limits

Last updated: 2024-03-14 14:27:50
Before using CSS, you need to know the following use limits:
CSS domain name
Multiple playback and push domain names can be created under an account. If the acceleration region of a domain name is the Chinese mainland or global, the domain name must have an ICP filing from MIIT, and the filing information must be currently valid and available.
You can manage up to 100 domain names under one account by default. If your business scale is large, you can submit a ticket to apply for increasing the maximum number of domain names.
We recommend you keep the length of a domain name no more than 45 characters. If you want a longer domain name, you need to submit a ticket for assistance.
A domain name managed by CSS can be used to push or play back live streams normally only after the domain name is resolved. For more information, see Configuring CNAME for Domain Name.
Live push
The CSS service does not limit the push bitrate and supports common resolutions and corresponding bitrates.
To avoid push lag, we recommend you keep the bitrate below 4 Mbps.
The length limit for StreamName is 255 characters.
Live playback
A stream can be played back only when the `StreamName` of the playback address is the same as that of the push address.
The default bandwidth limit is 20Gbps. If there is a need to lift this limit, you can submit a ticket for application.
If you need additional support for a large-scale surge in live streaming traffic, you need to submit a ticket or contact your Tencent Cloud rep three business days in advance for assistance. Such surges mainly include the following two types:
The sudden daily peak bandwidth exceeds 200 Gbps, and the surge is 200% of the daily peak.
The sudden daily peak bandwidth exceeds 500 Gbps.
Template configuration
After a template is successfully bound, it takes 5–10 minutes for it to take effect.
Daily billing mode switch
You can select bill-by-traffic or bill-by-bandwidth for daily billing. You can switch the billing mode only once per day, and the switch will take effect on the next day.
Supported push protocols
CSS supports the RTMP and SRT protocols. For more information, see Live Streaming Basics.
When using the WebRTC protocol for push streaming, each push domain has a default limit of 1,000 concurrent streams.
Supported playback protocols
Standard Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) supports the RTMP, FLV, and HLS playback protocols. For more information, see Live Streaming Basics.
Live Event Broadcasting (LEB) supports the WebRTC playback protocol.
A maximum of 200 relay tasks can be created. If your relay business requires a larger number of tasks, please contact us by submit a ticket, or contact your account manager for assistance.
The relay feature only provides content pulling and pushing services. Please ensure that the content is authorized and complies with relevant laws and regulations regarding content distribution. If there are copyright issues or content violations, CSS will stop the related services and reserve the right to pursue legal responsibilities.
To use the relay recording function, you can bind it with the CSS recording template, which will incur recording fees. The recording template bound to the relay task only supports templates that record the original stream. To modify the recording template during the ongoing pull task, you need to stop the current pull task for 30 seconds, then restart the pull task for the new recording template to take effect.

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