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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-09-02 10:50:51

    Sports Events

    LEB offers live video streaming with ultra-low latency for sports events. The viewers can enjoy watching sports events and get the event results in real time.

    Live Shopping

    LEB delivers ultra-low latency which can well meet the requirements of live shopping scenarios such as auctions and sales promotions. LEB enables the host and viewers to get timely transaction feedback and allows viewers to easily purchase products while watching.

    Online Classroom

    LEB can be used to create an online classroom with ultra-low latency. LEB allows both teachers and students to broadcast live video images in real time, making online classrooms just like face-to-face learning.

    Live Q&A

    Due to latency in traditional live Q&A, frames need to be inserted on the viewer clients so that the host and viewers can see the same screen at the same time. Ultra-low latency LEB is a perfect solution for this problem. It ensures both sides can see the same screen in real time, thus achieving smooth live Q&A.

    Interactions in Live Shows

    LEB is suitable for live shows as it provides optimal user experience in giving gifts and other interactive features which require low latency.

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