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Last updated: 2022-11-08 11:21:49

Live Stream Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLiveForbidStreamList Gets the list of forbidden streams.
DescribeLiveStreamEventList Queries streaming events.
DescribeLiveStreamOnlineList Queries live streams.
DescribeLiveStreamPublishedList Queries the list of pushed streams.
DescribeLiveStreamState Queries stream status.
DropLiveStream Pauses a live stream
ForbidLiveStream Forbids a live stream.
ResumeLiveStream Resumes a live stream.

LVB Transcoding APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveTranscodeRule Creates a transcoding rule
CreateLiveTranscodeTemplate Creating a transcoding template
DeleteLiveTranscodeRule Deletes a transcoding rule
DeleteLiveTranscodeTemplate Deletes a transcoding template
DescribeLiveTranscodeRules Gets the list of transcoding rules
DescribeLiveTranscodeTemplate Gets a single transcoding template
DescribeLiveTranscodeTemplates Gets the list of transcoding templates
ModifyLiveTranscodeTemplate Modifies the transcoding template configuration

Domain Name Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddLiveDomain Adds domain name
AuthenticateDomainOwner Verifies the ownership of a domain
DeleteLiveDomain Deletes domain name
DescribeLiveDomain Queries domain name information
DescribeLiveDomains Queries domain name list
EnableLiveDomain Enables domain name
ForbidLiveDomain Disables domain name
ModifyLivePlayDomain Modifies playback domain name

Recording Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveRecord Creates recording task (disused; please use the new API)
CreateLiveRecordRule Creates a recording rule
CreateLiveRecordTemplate Creates a recording template
CreateRecordTask Creates recording task (new)
DeleteLiveRecord Deletes recording task (disused; please use the new API)
DeleteLiveRecordRule Deletes a recording rule
DeleteLiveRecordTemplate Deletes a recording template.
DeleteRecordTask Deletes recording task (new)
DescribeLiveRecordRules Gets the list of recording rules
DescribeLiveRecordTemplate Gets a single recording template
DescribeLiveRecordTemplates Gets the list of recording templates
ModifyLiveRecordTemplate Modifies a recording template
StopLiveRecord Terminates recording task (disused; please use the new API)
StopRecordTask Terminates recording task (API)

Stream Pulling APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLivePullStreamTask Creates a stream pulling task
DeleteLivePullStreamTask Deletes a stream pulling task
DescribeLivePullStreamTasks Queries stream pulling tasks
ModifyLivePullStreamTask Modifies a stream pulling task

Authentication Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLiveDomainReferer Queries referer allowlist/blocklist configuration of a live streaming domain name
DescribeLivePlayAuthKey Queries the playback authentication key
DescribeLivePushAuthKey Queries the push authentication key
ModifyLiveDomainReferer Configures referer allowlist/blocklist of a live streaming domain name
ModifyLivePlayAuthKey Modifies the playback authentication key
ModifyLivePushAuthKey Modifies the push authentication key

Live Stream Mix APIs

API Name Feature
CancelCommonMixStream Cancels general stream mix
CreateCommonMixStream Creates general stream mix

Billing Data Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeConcurrentRecordStreamNum Queries the number of concurrent recording channels
DescribeDeliverBandwidthList Queries the billable bandwidth of live stream relaying
DescribeLiveTimeShiftBillInfoList Queries time shift billing data
DescribeLiveTranscodeTotalInfo Queries total usage of the transcoding service
DescribeScreenShotSheetNumList Queries the number of screenshots
DescribeTranscodeTaskNum Queries the number of transcoding tasks
DescribeUploadStreamNums Queries the number of LVB upstream channels.

Delayed Playback Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddDelayLiveStream Sets a live streaming delay
DescribeLiveDelayInfoList Gets the list of delayed playbacks.
ResumeDelayLiveStream Cancels the live streaming delay

Screencapturing and Porn Detection APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveSnapshotRule Creates screencapturing rule
CreateLiveSnapshotTemplate Creates screencapturing template
DeleteLiveSnapshotRule Deletes screencapturing rule
DeleteLiveSnapshotTemplate Deletes screencapturing template
DescribeLiveSnapshotRules Gets screencapturing rule list
DescribeLiveSnapshotTemplate Gets single screencapturing template
DescribeLiveSnapshotTemplates Gets screencapturing template list
ModifyLiveSnapshotTemplate Modifies screencapturing template configuration

Watermark Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddLiveWatermark Adds watermark
CreateLiveWatermarkRule Creates watermarking rule
DeleteLiveWatermark Delete watermark
DeleteLiveWatermarkRule Deletes watermarking rule
DescribeLiveWatermark Gets the information of a single watermark
DescribeLiveWatermarkRules Gets the watermarking rule list
DescribeLiveWatermarks Queries watermark list
UpdateLiveWatermark Updates watermark

Monitoring data query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeGroupProIspPlayInfoList Queries downstream playback data by district and ISP
DescribeHttpStatusInfoList Queries the details of each playback HTTP status code
DescribeLiveStreamPushInfoList Gets the push data of live streams
DescribeLiveTranscodeDetailInfo Queries LVB transcoding statistics
DescribePlayErrorCodeDetailInfoList Queries the real-time data of each playback HTTP error code
DescribePlayErrorCodeSumInfoList Queries the aggregated data of playback HTTP error codes
DescribeProvinceIspPlayInfoList Queries the playback information by ISP and district
DescribeStreamDayPlayInfoList Queries the traffic data of all streams
DescribeStreamPlayInfoList Queries the playback information list of stream
DescribeTopClientIpSumInfoList Queries the information of top n client IPs in certain period of time
DescribeVisitTopSumInfoList Queries the information of top n domain names or stream IDs in certain period of time

LVB Callback APIs

API Name Feature
CreateLiveCallbackRule Creates callback rule
CreateLiveCallbackTemplate Creates callback template
DeleteLiveCallbackRule Deletes callback rule
DeleteLiveCallbackTemplate Deletes callback template
DescribeLiveCallbackRules Gets callback rule list
DescribeLiveCallbackTemplate Gets single callback template
DescribeLiveCallbackTemplates Gets callback template list
ModifyLiveCallbackTemplate Modifies callback template

Certificate Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLiveCert Gets certificate information
DescribeLiveCerts Gets certificate information list
DescribeLiveDomainCert Gets domain name certificate information
DescribeLiveDomainCertBindings Querying domains bound with certificates
ModifyLiveDomainCertBindings Binding a certificate to multiple playback domains
UnBindLiveDomainCert Unbinds domain name certificate
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