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Standby Streams

Last updated: 2023-10-17 17:42:48
    CSS offer a live standby stream feature that automatically switches to the standby input source when the main live stream is interrupted. When the main stream is restored, it will automatically switch back, improving the audience's live streaming experience during unexpected interruptions. Live standby stream is a paid value-added service. The following is an introduction to the value-added billing items generated by using the live standby stream feature. The specific pricing and billing rules are as follows:


    Using the Standby Stream feature may not only incur extended feature fees but also traffic/bandwidth costs.
    If the duration of a single Standby Stream is less than 1 minute, it will be billed as a 1-minute Standby Stream duration.


    Unit cost
    Price (USD/Billing Unit)
    Ratio of billing duration to actual duration:
    Extended Feature
    Billing Duration (Billing Unit) : Actual Duration (Minutes)
    Standby Stream
    1.6 : 1

    Billing Details

    Item: Extended feature
    Billing mode: Pay-as-you-go.
    Billing cycle: Daily. The fee generated each day will be deducted from your account the following day. For the actual fee deduction and bill generation time, see your billing statement.

    Calculation Formula

    Billing duration = Actual duration x Ratio
    Fee = Unit price x Billing duration

    Billing Example

    A and B, two live streams with standby stream templates configured for their live stream domain names, have switched to standby input sources multiple times due to unexpected interruptions during the period of October 16, 2023. The specific start and end times of the standby streams are shown in the table below:
    Stream ID
    Standby Stream Start Time
    Standby Stream End Time
    Billing duration (Actual duration x Ratio)
    1 Minute × 1.6
    1 Minute × 1.6
    3 Minutes × 1.6
    Live Stream A, Standby Stream Billing Duration = (1 minute + 1 minute) × 1.6 billing units/minute = 3.2 billing units
    Live Stream B, Standby Stream Billing Duration = 3 minutes × 1.6 billing units/minute = 4.8 billing units
    On October 17, 2023, the extended feature fees bill you need to pay due to the standby streams is:
    8 (billing units) × 0.01515 (USD/billing unit) = 0.1212 USD.
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