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Real-Time Log Shipping

Last updated: 2024-04-08 16:55:30
    The Cloud Streaming Services (CSS) supports the shipping of logs to Cloud Log Service CLS for storage, flexible retrieval and analysis. Real-time log shipping to CLS is a paid value-added service, with the number of shipped logs as the billing standard.


    The feature of shipping logs to CLS is disabled by default and can be enabled via the console or Application Programming Interface.
    Shipping logs to CLS may generate traffic, storage and other fees in CLS. Related fees are charged by the CLS product. For detailed information, see Billing Overview. During the process of shipping logs to CLS, please ensure that the CLS service is in the normal status.
    The log shipping service is billed based on the number of shipped logs, and billing is carried out for 10,000 logs if the number is less than that.

    Product Pricing

    Billable Item
    Price (USD/10,000 pieces/day)
    Number of real-time logs shipped to CLS

    Billing Description

    Billing item: Number of real-time logs shipped to CLS.
    Billing mode: Pay-as-you-go.
    Billing cycle: Daily. The fees for real-time logs shipped to CLS service will be deducted from your account the following day. The actual fee deduction and bill generation time are based on your billing invoice.

    Billing Formula

    Fees for real-time logs shipped to CLS = Daily real-time logs shipped to CLS (10,000 pieces) x CLS log shipping unit price (USD/10,000 pieces/day).

    Billing Example

    On February 1, 2024, the user utilized the real-time logs shipped to CLS feature, shipping a total of 508,000 logs. The bill generated on February 2, 2024, was as follows:
    Fees for CLS shipping: 51 (10,000 pieces) x 0.000143 (USD/10,000 pieces/day) = 0.007293 USD
    If your business volume is large and the daily settlement billing method cannot meet your needs, you can contact our business personnel. Through business negotiations, we can create a billing method and price that meet your needs. Please dial 4009100100 or submit a ticket for more information.
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