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Configuring DRM Encryption

Last updated: 2023-10-07 14:50:00
    CSS offers DRM encryption capabilities based on Widevine, FariPlay, and NormalAES to help you protect your content and prevent piracy and hotlinking. This document shows you how to configure DRM encryption in the CSS console.


    Tencent Cloud only encrypts your content. DRM licenses are offered by third party licensing services SDMC and DRMtoday, which charge a licensing fee. To learn more details, please contact the companies.


    You have activated CSS and added a playback domain name.
    You have created an account at SDMC DRM or DRMtoday and configured an access key.

    Console Settings

    Configuring DRM key information

    1. Log in to the CSS console and select Feature Configuration > DRM management on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Edit, select a licensing provider (SDMC or DRMtoday), and fill in the key information.
    If your licensing service provider is SDMC:
    Enter your SDMC UID, Secret ID, and Secret key (you need to obtain the information from SDMC).
    If your licensing service provider is DRMtoday:
    Enter your DRMtoday Merchantname, MerchantUUID, MerchantAPIName, MerchantAPIPassword, KeySeedID, and IVSeedID (you need to obtain the information from DRMtoday).

    Creating a transcoding template and binding a domain

    1. Select Feature Configuration > Live Transcoding on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Create Transcoding Template and toggle DRM encryption on.
    Configuration Item
    DRM encryption
    Whether to enable DRM encryption. It’s disabled by default. Before enabling this feature, you need to configure DRM key information in “DRM management”.
    Widevine, FairPlay, or NomalAES. For FairPlay encryption, you need to upload the certificate you obtain from Apple to your player. For details, see Obtaining a FairPlay certificate.
    3. Click Bind Domain Name to bind the template to your playback domain.

    Obtaining the DRM-encrypted playback URL

    Only HLS playback supports DRM encryption. Use the Address Generator to generate playback URLs (select the template you created). The HLS URL generated is DRM-encrypted.

    Configuring your player

    For the DRM encryption feature to work, your player must meet the following requirements:
    It must have been equipped by SDMC with the ability to obtain and decrypt license information from video data.
    Use FairPlay encryption for iOS players and Widevine or NormalAES for Android players.
    On iOS, you need to apply for a certificate and upload it to the SDMC console.
    You need to create an account first before you can visit the SDMC console. For detailed directions on how to create an SDMC account, see Obtaining the UID and Key Information. If you encounter any problems, please submit a ticket. We will help you navigate the process.
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