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Region Configuration

Last updated: 2023-11-30 17:02:14
    To use content delivery, acceleration, and playback services in a different region, you can change the acceleration region for your playback domain in the CSS console.


    You have logged in to the CSS console.
    You have added a playback domain name.
    In the process of adding a new domain and selecting a playback domain, please choose the acceleration region required for live broadcast distribution, such as "Chinese mainland". Subsequently, fill in the domain name and tag information optionally. Click on Add Domain and proceed to the next step.


    CSS pricing differs inside and outside the Chinese mainland. For details, see Pricing Overview.
    A playback domain cannot be used outside its acceleration region.
    If the accelerated region includes the Chinese mainland, you need to apply for ICP filing for your playback domain.
    Changing the acceleration region will reset the bandwidth cap. You need to configure it again.


    1. Go to Domain Management. Click the name of your playback domain or Manage on the right.
    2. Select the Advanced Configuration tab and find Region configuration.
    3. Click Edit. In the pop-up window, you can change the acceleration region to Chinese mainland, Global, or Outside Chinese mainland.
    4. Click Save.
    Acceleration Region
    ICP Filing Required
    Chinese mainland
    Cannot handle requests outside the Chinese mainland.
    Acceleration is supported globally, but prices differ inside and outside the Chinese mainland.
    Outside Chinese mainland
    Cannot handle requests inside the Chinese mainland. Prices differ inside and outside the Chinese mainland.
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