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Last updated: 2022-05-12 12:35:53

    CSS offers a self-diagnosis tool for you to quickly detect and troubleshoot push and playback issues related to users, URLs, domain names, streams, and other factors. This feature is in beta testing now. The diagnostic results are for reference only.



    Follow the steps below to diagnose a push/playback problem in a live stream:

    1. Log in to the CSS console and select Self-Diagnosis on the left sidebar.
    2. Enter the push or playback URL you want to diagnose.
    3. Click Execute Diagnosis.


    You will see the diagnostic result and suggestion for troubleshooting the problem.

    Customer Information APPID Customer’s application ID
    Status Customer’s account status
    Domain Name Domain Name Domain Name
    Domain Name Type Push/Playback domain
    CNAME CNAME resolution information
    Stream Status Stream Stream ID
    Status Stream status
    URL URL Push/Playback URL
    AppName URL path
    StreamName Stream name, which is used to calculate `txSecret`
    Authentication Configuration Whether authentication is enabled
    Primary key
    Backup key
    Push/Playback authentication Whether authentication succeeded
    Authentication StreamName
    txSecret: Authentication string generated after push/playback authentication is enabled.
    txTime: Expiration timestamp set for the push/playback URL
    URL actual expiration time
    Access Bandwidth Bandwidth Cap Configuration Whether a cap is set for bandwidth
    Acceleration Region
    IP Visit Status
    Current Bandwidth
    Application Client
  • Push from PC: We recommend you use OBS for push to test the push.
  • Playback on PC: We recommend you use the VLC player to test the playback.
  • Push from web: We recommend you use Web Push to test the push.
  • Push from mobile apps: Install TCToolkit App and select "RTMP for push" to test the push.
  • Playback on mobile apps: Install TCToolkit App and select "Standard Live Broadcast" to test the playback.
  • IP Restriction Check for exceptions caused by the IP allowlist/blocklist or regional restrictions
    Stream Data Analyze real-time monitoring data of the live stream to determine whether the exception is caused by network congestion, jitters, or other reasons. View stream data

    If the diagnostic report cannot solve your problem, please submit a ticket or contact Tencent Cloud technical support.

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