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Application Scenarios

Last updated: 2024-03-21 14:14:09

    Electronic Gaming

    Set up the customized layout templates for the main game scene, the commentary scene, and the multi-player scenes. This service supports separate processing of audios and videos, commentary audios paired with game videos, and real-time audio stream switch.

    Live Shopping

    Multi-video split screen mixed output of the live interaction between hosts and fans, the cameras for hosts and fans and product information.

    Online Education

    The template layout mixed output of PPT video streams, teacher video streams, and QR code promotional pictures.

    Live Event Streaming

    The console supports real-time editing of watermarks such as QR codes and subtitle texts, which can be pushed to the live streaming. To safeguard the live streaming, a standby video function and automatic switch in the event of a live streaming interruption are supported.
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