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RTMPS Push Streaming

Last updated: 2024-01-22 15:51:37
    Tencent Video Cloud continuously improves its streaming media transmission to cater to various requirements. Apart from the common RTMP streaming protocol, it also now supports the RTMPS streaming protocol, which specifically caters to users with encryption needs, particularly those with overseas operations. This article primarily focuses on the implementation of RTMPS streaming.

    Comparison of Advantages

    Standard RTMP streaming protocol relies entirely on adding relevant parameters to the URL for authentication, with the RTMP server carrying out verification based on these parameters. However, this does not encrypt transmitted audio and video data packets, hence, captured and decoded RTMP packets can be played.
    The RTMPS protocol effectively resolves these RTMP security issues. It is the SSL-encrypted version of the RTMP protocol, which enhances the security of data communication, allowing safe stream transmission between the encrypted encoder and CDN.
    Comparison chart of various streaming protocols:
    Protocol Type
    Transmission Method
    Protocol Characteristic
    Application Scenario
    Tencent's Optimization Scheme
    Streaming Protocol
    Encryption scenarios
    Supporting multiple domains and certificates
    Streaming Protocol
    Low latency, packet loss resistance
    OTT, cross-regional transmission
    Streaming Protocol
    Low latency
    Audio and video calls
    Optimizing instant loading and stuttering in Live Event Broadcasting
    Streaming Protocol
    Packet loss resistance, 0rtt
    Browser access
    Optimizing the first frame transmission


    The RTMPS streaming protocol, which employs SSL encryption, demands the configuration of a push domain name certificate; at present, the default push domain name 'push.tlivecloud.com' of Cloud Streaming Services has been equipped with a common certificate. For other default domains, you need to Submit a Ticket to provide domain names and configure according to the corresponding certificate. If you desire to use your certificate, port replacement is necessary. Tencent Video Cloud's multi-protocol platform has optimized the RTMPS protocol. There is no need for users to switch ports. Users can directly use their certificates. The platform will automatically adapt to the domains and match the corresponding certificate.
    If you wish to test the RTMPS streaming, you can connect the default push domain name by Cloud Streaming Services.
    If you need to use the RTMPS streaming through your own domain, you need to Submit a Ticket providing the domain name and corresponding certificate.

    RTMPS Streaming

    1. The generation of live streaming URLs can be carried out in the following two methods:
    Assemble independently through splicing rules. For detailed operations, please refer to Splicing Live Streaming URLs.
    1.1 Enter the Tools > Address Generator of the Cloud Streaming Services console, select URL type: Push Address, and select domain name as needed. For detailed operations, please refer to Address Generator.
    2. Modify the generated RTMP live streaming URL into RTMPS, input it into OBS to start RTMPS streaming. For detailed operations, please refer to Push via OBS.

    Live Playback

    Operate according to the normal live playback process. For more details, please refer to Live Playback.
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