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Custom Dictionary

Last updated: 2024-01-03 16:59:23
    Live screen auditing and AAS can bind to custom dictionaries to personalize the recognition of specific entries and set them to be either green-lit or hit as violations. Once set-up is successful, dictionary contents become effective within 10 minutes.

    Creating a New Dictionary

    1. Log in to the CSS console, navigate to Feature Configuration > Content moderation > Keyword libraries.
    2. Click Create library. In the pop-up window, fill in the configuration items based on your actual business requirements.
    Configuration Item
    Required Item
    Library name
    Library Name. It only contains up to 32 characters, in a combination of Chinese characters, letters, digits, and underscores.
    You can select Block or Review.
    Block: The information is confirmed to be blocked.
    Review: The information might be undesirable and requires manual recognition.
    Match mode
    Exact matching only supports Chinese.
    Exact Matching. It performs a one-to-one match with the input text, directly hitting the output when the input text is identical with the output one.
    Choosing the appropriate handling suggestions will result in varying levels of hitting, corresponding to the Suggestion field in the return values of the interface.
    3. Click Confirm to save the current template.

    Modifying Dictionary


    1. On the custom dictionary page, select the dictionary that needs to be operated, click Edit on the right, then modify the dictionary configuration information according to business requirements in the pop-up window on the right.
    2. Click Add keyword, then add samples in the pop-up window and incorporate sensitive words according to business requirements.
    2.1 You can select Category. Enter keyword, and separate multiple keywords by pressing enter. Submit no more than 2,000 at a time.
    Only supports the recognition of sensitive words in Chinese.
    Keywords are confirmed by newline. Each keyword length is within 20 Chinese characters.
    Batch import is supported via the copy-paste method, with a single-time maximum of 2,000 keywords, separated by line feed character.
    The maximum number of sensitive words that can be added is 10,000.
    3. Click Save in the lower-right corner to save the current template, thereby completing the modification of the custom dictionary.
    4. Once the custom dictionary has been configured, you can select Associate image recognition or audio recognition during the creation of the moderation template within the recognition policy configuration.

    Deleting a Dictionary

    1. On the custom dictionary page, locate and select the desired dictionary, then click Delete on the right to remove the dictionary.
    2. After deletion, an Information Confirmation Prompt dialog box will appear. Click Confirm to delete the custom dictionary.
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