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Live Video Caster

Last updated: 2024-03-21 14:27:46
    Live Video Caster (LVC) is equipped with powerful live video capabilities of Tencent Cloud to conduct stream switching and multi-screen mixed-stream in the cloud. The LVC supports custom screen layouts, standby mechanisms, synchronized audio and video switching, and so on. In this way, traditional director console hardware is no longer required, and you can use directing services conveniently, to create more online business scenarios.

    Product Architecture


    Product Features

    Robust cloud capabilities
    With powerful live streaming capabilities of Tencent Cloud, users can use the casting services conveniently, to create more online business scenarios.
    Low costs
    The LVC solution requires no hardware. The on-demand usage and pay-as-you-go billing mode significantly reduce the investment for director equipment.
    Standby mechanism
    Standby videos and images, and various emergency mechanisms enables automatic switch in case of stream interruption, ensuring reliable live streaming.
    Multi-screen mixed-stream layout
    With over 20 input sources for live streams, VOD, and images, and 4 custom layout mixes, interactive live streaming can be easily achieved.
    Multi-angle live streaming
    In scenarios such as e-commerce live streaming, online education, game live stream, large conferences, performances, and shows, multi-angle live stream is achieved through LVC.
    Real-time score of events
    The online editing on LVC controls image and text elements to appear at fixed times, achieving TV-broadcast-grade broadcast effects without the need for a TV broadcast equipment.
    Cross-region co-screen live stream
    Compared to physical director consoles, LVC eliminates the need for wired transmission of video signals, thus offering a low-cost solution for long-distance video composition. During cross-region live streams, integrating and coordinating feeds from multiple locations to output, LVC can provide a superior viewer experience.
    Seamless switching among promotional videos, commercials, and demonstrations
    Before the live stream, looped promotional videos can warm up the audience. Through the seamless switching of LVC, the pace of the live stream can be effectively controlled. Likewise, during the live event, the LVC can timely cut in with promotional videos and commercials, or switch to demonstrations


    Billable items for LVC include: Charges for output duration of the LVC and for pushing streams to a third party, with multiple billing modes provided based on usage duration and prepaid resource packs, and so on. For related billing documents, see Live Video Caster Pricing Overview.
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