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Last updated: 2024-03-21 14:32:52

    What are the differences between the playlist type and the universal type?

    If your PGM output screen comprises only one stream, the playlist type applies; if your PGM output screen comprises two or more streams, the universal type applies. For specific billing rules, see Live Video Caster Billing Details.

    Will the billing ends when I only close the browser?

    When you use Live Video Caster, closing the browser page does not automatically disconnect the caster output and Live Video Caster continues running in the background. To avoid unnecessary service fees, it is recommended that you click Stop for the caster on the Live Video Caster list page after using the caster.

    How many casters can I create at most?

    Each account is permitted to create five Live Video Caster instances. After you delete a caster, you may add a new one. If you need more casters, please submit a ticket for application.

    How can I obtain a playback URL?

    After you publish the stream to PGM, you can click Details in the upper-right corner to view the stream information and obtain the CDN playback URL of the output.

    Where can I find recorded files?

    Upon completion of recording, the system will transmit the recorded file to the Video on Demand system. You can view the recorded file in the Video on Demand system. Click Details in the upper-right corner to view the caster information and obtain the prefix of your recorded file.
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