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Authorizing CSS to Store Screenshots in a COS Bucket

Last updated: 2023-10-07 11:50:44
    This document describes how to store screenshots or porn detection data in a COS bucket. You need to create a COS bucket, authorize CSS to store data in it, and then configure live screencapture and porn detection settings in the CSS console. After that, screenshots and porn detection data can be stored in the bucket. This feature is available in the new console.

    Creating a COS Bucket

    1. Log in to the COS console and select Bucket List on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Create Bucket. In the pop-up window, enter the basic information, select a permission for the bucket, and click Next.
    3. Complete the advanced configuration (optional) and click Next.
    4. Confirm the configuration information and click Create.
    In the example above, the bucket name is test (-130****592 is not part of the name).
    Complete the above settings based on your actual needs.
    5. To enable CDN acceleration, click the name of your bucket or click Configure in the bucket list, and select Domains and Transfer > Default CDN Acceleration Domain on the left sidebar. Then, click Edit, toggle on Status, and compete the settings. For detailed directions, see Enabling Default CDN Acceleration Domain Names. After the configuration, click Save.

    Authorizing CSS to store screenshots in COS

    1. Grant the root account 3508645126write access and read access to the COS bucket.
    1.1 In the Bucket List, find the bucket you created, and click Configure. On the bucket configuration page, select Permission Management > Bucket ACL (Access Control List). Then, click Add User, select Root account as the user type, enter the root account ID 3508645126, and click Save.
    Alternatively, in the bucket list, click Manage Permissions, select the bucket you created, Then, click Add User, select Root account as the user type, enter the root account ID 3508645126, click Save to save the configuration, and then click OK.
    3508645126 is the APPID of CSS. You need to enter this ID for the authorization to succeed.
    1.2 For information about how to use an API to set bucket access, see PUT Bucket acl.
    2. Get the information of the COS bucket to which CSS is granted access.
    2.1 Click the name of the bucket you created in the bucket list and select Overview to view its information. You can find in the endpoint the bucket name, COS APPID, and bucket region.
    Bucket name: test01
    COS appid: 130****051
    Bucket region: eu-frankfurt
    2.2 Provide the above information to CSS and the system will store live screenshots in the COS bucket you created.
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