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Console Overview

Last updated: 2023-10-17 17:45:00
    To help you quickly get started with the CSS console, this document will introduce some frequently used CSS services. They are grouped into four modules based on user needs: Basic Services, Scenario-Specific Services, Data Center, and CSS Toolkit.

    Basic Services

    This module provides basic services of CSS. If you only want to use basic live streaming services, this is the right module for you.
    You can view live streaming value-added features, their application scenarios, and functional characteristics.
    You can view relevant data such as billing bandwidth/traffic trends, live streaming real-time data, and concurrent connection numbers.
    You can switch billing modes or change the time granularity as needed.
    Add and manage your own acceleration domains and configure CNAME for them.
    Generate live streaming URLs.
    You can apply created templates for recording, transcoding, screencapture, time-shifting, watermarking, and callbacks to live streaming domains.
    You can configure live streaming domains with authentication, HTTPS protocol, acceleration regions, bandwidth caps, delayed playback, IP blacklists and whitelists, HTTP response headers, origin server information, and more.
    Manage live, historical, and disabled streams and disable and resume streams.
    View usage of traffic and transcoding packages.


    Live+ gathers various value-added services for Cloud Streaming Services, including transcoding, watermarking, screencapture, standby stream, pull and relay, and more. If you need to use these services, you can configure them in this module.
    We provide configuration template services for various features required in live streaming, such as watermarking, recording, transcoding, screencapture, time-shifting, adaptive bitrate, callbacks, and DRM management. To reduce the complexity of page navigation, we have added a new process for binding templates to domain names.
    We offer the ability to pull live video or on-demand files from third-party platforms and push them to Cloud Streaming Services. You can directly perform operations such as mixing, recording, and more on the audio and video content. This feature allows for easy cross-platform distribution and the capability to convert on-demand content to live streaming.

    Data Center

    Data analysis provides users with professional data analysis services. You can query the consumption of traffic/bandwidth, transcoding, watermarking, relaying, and screencapture within a specific time granularity. Additionally, it offers log analysis functionality, making it convenient for users to monitor resources and obtain useful data.
    You can query the billing items, including the related data generated by push and pull stream traffic/bandwidth, recording, time-shifting, screencapture, transcoding, and relaying.
    You can view live streaming playback data analysis, user distribution, and origin server back-to-origin data, among other information.
    You can query the data details of a single video stream, such as push, playback, live streaming records, callback events, etc., and export the data to your local machine.
    You can query abnormal events that occur during live streaming push.
    You can query the records and reasons for live streaming push interruptions.
    You can query the push data information of the live SDK for the past 3 days.

    CSS Toolkit

    The Live Toolbox mainly provides some auxiliary features for ensuring live streaming processes and the use and management of live SDKs.
    Web Push
    Quickly experience the Web push feature, with input sources including camera capture, screen sharing, and local file collection. It also supports multi-stream mixing, enabling push testing in various scenarios.
    Provide the necessary information to splice push/playback URLs.
    Quickly diagnose common live streaming push/playback issues. The diagnostic results are for reference only.
    In conjunction with the Live SDK, you can add and manage official licenses and bind related resource packages.
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