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Last updated: 2022-10-25 17:22:56


    We offer three types of media SDK (RT-Cube) licenses: live stream publishing, UGSV, and video playback. You can bind a purchased license resource in the TRTC console, the CSS console, or the VOD console to activate a new capability or extend the validity of an existing capability.

    One set of license URL and key is used to manage the permissions to use different SDK features for the same application. Different functional modules of the SDK offer different capabilities. You will need a license to use the live stream publishing (publishing, same-room/cross-room communication), UGSV (shooting, editing, uploading, and publishing videos), or video playback module of a media SDK. For more information on the capabilities of different media SDKs, see SDK Download.

    License Capabilities
    Live stream publishing Live stream publishing + Video playback
    UGSV UGSV (Lite/Standard) + Video playback
    Video playback Video playback

    Trial License

    You can apply for one trial license for each functional module of the SDK in the TRTC console, the CSS console, or the VOD console. The validity and package type we offer for trial for different capabilities are as follows:

    Capability Trial Package Validity Application
    Live streaming - 28 days Applying for a trial license
    UGSV Standard 28 days
    Video playback - 28 days

    • You can apply for only one trial license for each functional module. To continue using the capabilities after your trial license expires, please purchase an official license.
    • If you apply for a trial license on 2022-10-01 11:34:55, it will expire 28 days later on 2022-10-28 00:00:00.

    Official License

    For information about the billing of official licenses and packages, see Billing Overview. The table below specifies the functional modules different licenses can activate.

    Capability Activation Adding Official License
    Live streaming
  • Purchase a live stream publishing license (valid for one year)
  • Adding and Renewing a License
  • Purchase a UGSV license (valid for one year)
  • Video playback
  • Purchase a video playback license (valid for one year)
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